Beginning a new month in Ecuador

Ecuadorian beach children at work

Ecuadorian beach children at work

three year old Niki, our hostel owner's son

three year old Niki, our hostel owner’s son

loving our daily long beach walks

loving our daily long beach walks

enjoying the beach

enjoying the beach

As we start our second month in Ecuador, we are stilll pinching ourselves every day, saying something like “Can you believe that we are actually doing this?!” It’s Sunday and we are enjoying a breakfast of shrimp omelets, bread, pineapple, watermelon juice, and black tea … watching and listening to the surf in the background and reflecting on our past month. Ecuador is such a place of contrasts. We have now had our first haircuts, which seemed like more than a minor accomplishment. Mine was $3. Sharon’s was $5. Each took about 30 minutes. The standard of living is pretty low. Electricity, wi-fi/internet, and hot water can be sporadic at times … as can be the bugs. However, the people are kind, friendly, and relaxed. The children are as everywhere else … beautiful, happy, and playful. We never tire of hearing the stories and adventures of people across the world. Talking with our Spanish tutor (Luis), in Spanish, about the local culture, the local customs, the local history, his family background, and maybe a bit of grammar/vocab easily consumes our four hours a day with him. We’ve worked at trying to tell him stories as well, which he seems to enjoy (at least is entertained). We never tire of the undeveloped beautiful beaches. The weather is always the same, with a lot of daily clouds, typically a rain shower, a bit of sunshine, with a daily high of 84 and a nightly low of 72. It’s no wonder why there are few glass windows, only screens, lots of fans, very few air conditioners, and no clothes dryers. As in most Latin American countries, you don’t flush your toilet paper. There is a nearby trash can for “that” purpose. We miss certain things and many people from the States, but when this adventure is over, we will miss certain things and many people from here. Life.


One comment on “Beginning a new month in Ecuador

  1. James Edmondson says:

    I noticed the same kind of customs with toilet paper in parts of Brazil. In many bathrooms in China (e.g. around Beijing), toilet paper isn’t even provided outside of the 4 star hotels. It’s kind of wild how something so simple and pervasive here in the U.S. is so much of an outlier in the world. It was definitely a bit of culture shock. It’s great to see you two having so much fun and really immersing yourselves into the culture. Too often, when I go to conferences or events in other countries, I have to stick to the tourist path, which is often quite separated from the lifestyle of the rest of the local community.

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